Space Rental

What’s Currently Available (and coming soon!)

CAL’s studios are in hot demand for creators who want a space outside of their home to focus on their work and be part of a creative community. Each includes wifi, utilities, limited parking, access to a shared shop sink. We host musicians and their students, so you’ll sometimes hear their work trail through the halls. We host artists who often display their work in our two galleries and some of the other common areas in the building. Interested? Below are the studios available for rent.

Temporary and Rehearsal Studios and Classrooms

While we prefer long-term leases on the rooms in the above listings may be available for daily or one-month adjusted fees. For example: The Stage Room would be $40/ day.

Existing studio artists qualify for discounted rates on all CAL spaces, including temporary rentals of any existing space. If you are already in CAL and are interested in temporary additional space, please contact Phayvanh.

Space for musical rehearsals and performances is also available, usually on an hourly basis, through the Monteverdi Music School.

Art classrooms can be rented for events and meetings through The T.W. Wood Gallery.