Facilities Coordinator Position – Center for Arts and Learning

The Facilities Coordinator is primarily responsible for the care and maintenance of the 46 Barre Street building and grounds. They will be the resident “expert” of the property and its needs. They ensure that routine maintenance and special projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

This role serves as one of two primary building contacts for emergency purposes, and for providing access to the building to the City, the assessor, and other officials. (The Executive Director is the other.)

This position is budgeted for 10 hours per week at $18 – $20 per hour. This role reports to CAL’s Executive Director. This position is open until filled. To apply, please email: director@cal-vt.org


This includes routine maintenance (daily, seasonal, annual), and management of special projects and contracted service providers, to include:

  • Perform minor maintenance as appropriate (installing locks, minor repairs, etc)
  • Work with contractors on significant / capital projects (Heating, plumbing, etc.)
  • Open building spaces for inspectors (City, sprinklers, insurance, etc)
  • Heating system maintenance (blow down low-water shutoff valve, routine checks)
  • Respond to tenant concerns about building facilities
  • Work with contracted cleaners to ensure clean condition of building, including refreshing supplies as needed
  • Research, conduct RFPs, gain competitive quotes for building improvements
  • Daily building inspection to ensure safety, compliance, and good working order. 
  • Maintain building master plan and its progress
  • Create, maintain, and adhere to CAL’s building budget (in cooperation with the ED)
  • Maintain the keypad codes and activate/deactivate as needed. 
  • Inspection of studios as tenants leave and enter into leases for acceptable conditions.


The person fit for this role is generally handy, responsive, friendly and approachable. 

  • Software: GSuite, Airtable, Notion, general internet / email use
  • This position works in a shared office with a computer, but most of the work is active, where mobility and agility will be necessary. Heavy lifting may be required.
  • Feel free to bring your own tools. 

The Center for Arts and Learning is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, gender or other protected class. We welcome all interested applicants.