Join the CAL Board of Directors

Learn about how you can help shape the creative future of our community.

CAL’s purpose is to support education and the arts by:

  1. Providing and maintaining educational and arts facilities and associated infrastructure to support the respective missions of the corporation and its founding member organizations’ respective missions;
  2. Advancing community improvements while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of Montpelier;
  3. Improving connections and quality of life in the community by providing facilities, services opportunities and other support for, or distributions to, non-profit education, arts, public gatherings, and other community connections that advance any of these purposes or other related charitable causes.

Ways we do this

  1. Maintaining and improving the 46 Barre Street campus to suit the uses founding members and the general artistic community
    1. Providing for lease 28 private studios for creative and educational exploration
  2. Adherence to historic preservation guidelines in regards to building maintenance
  3. Providing free, low-cost and collaborative opportunities to engage with the community
    1. Barre Street monthly summer potluck dinners
    2. Montpelier Art Walk coordination
    3. Short term rentals and meeting spaces
    4. Fiscal sponsorship program
    5. Sponsorships and collaborations
    6. Community-responsive partnerships


Board Composition and Responsibilities

Board members serve in a non-compensated, volunteer capacity in renewable one-year terms, generally following the calendar year.

Founding Members (3-6)

  • Representatives of the T.W. Wood Gallery
  • Representatives of the Monteverdi Music School
  • Responsible for 46 Barre Street property maintenance, improvements, and uses. 
  • Real estate, legal, and financial obligations
  • Meet quarterly or as needed, governance and finances
  • Develops building budget

Currently Serving Founding Members

  • President: Phillip Robertson, Adjunct Faculty, Vermont State University and Community College of Vermont, T.W. Wood Gallery
  • Treasurer: Elliott Bent, Communications Director, UVM Health Network, T.W. Wood Gallery
  • Secretary: Debra Smoller, Suzuki Piano Instructor, Monteverdi Music School

Board Members   (3-7)

  • Members of general public
  • May hold officer roles, except Treasurer
  • Responsible for non-building programs and other non-profit, mission-related activities
  • Fiscal sponsorship, fundraising, arts programs
  • Meet monthly, hands on volunteerism
  • Develops program budget
  • Expect 3 hrs/month of work

Board Member Roles (examples)

46 Barre Street Community Contact

  • A Montpelier-based person to be an alternate contact for the public. This includes:
  • Ability to show available rooms to potential tenants, answer basic questions about leases. 
  • General knowledge of the building and building access
  • Meeting vendors, others if staff is not able to be present

Montpelier Art Walk Liaison

  • Monitor the Art Walk emails and answer questions
  • Support the program committee in executing the program
  • Meet with potential participants as necessary
  • Staff CAL during Art Walk events

Fundraising Committee

  • Plan and execute the spring and winter fundraising campaigns
  • Plan and execute special fundraisers

Fiscal Sponsorship Liaison

  • Monitor sponsored program activities
  • Support staff / program meetings and reporting
  • Solicit and onboard new sponsored programs

Barre Street Neighborhood Captain

  • Overall community development of this area
  • Work with partners, neighbors, and local businesses to execute on community-building activities, such as Barre Street Monthly Summer Potlucks
  • Boost Barre Street in the public sphere
  • Encourage neighborly use of CAL building and programs

Founding Members and Board Members working together

  • Annual Meeting: Meets in January annually to determine Officers and any other business. Treasurer shall be part of the Founding Members Committee. Other Officer roles are open to the Board at large. 
  • Vacancies are filled with a majority vote of existing Board Members
  • The Founding Member Committee and Board Members have a mutual responsibility to hire CAL’s  executive director, though the hire requires a majority vote of the Founding Members Committee.
  • Each body will develop their respective budgets in the fall, with expectation for the full budget presentation to the Board in December. 

Board Members working with CAL staff

  • CAL staff are part-time, and work asynchronously in a hybrid work environment
  • The executive director is the primary contact for the Board, though interaction with other staff may be expected depending upon the work undertaken
  • The executive director is responsible for all other CAL staff. 
  • CAL staff are generally happy to assist – let us know how we can help you!