Members Gallery Curation Committee

CAL’s Members Gallery shall be managed by a group of CAL’s volunteer working members, supported by one CAL staffer.

This group will decide on the exhibit schedule, themes or topics, solicit work from members, curate, install, and strike the show. This group will also create publicity materials and a promotions schedule. 

The Curator’s Group shall strive to make the selection and show process as inclusive and welcoming to all members as possible, including but not limited to accessibility accommodations. 

The Curator’s Group may choose to offer related, complimentary programming if desired. 


Leadership Group

This group will take responsibility for the committee–ensuring a fair and equitable process for curating the Members Gallery and communicating to CAL staff when issues arise. They will also be responsible for maintaining a gallery budget. Time commitment varies, but expect 3-5 hours quarterly per person. 


This group reviews and makes selection recommendations to the full committee. Jurors may change per exhibit, as needed. Expect up to 5 hours per person show

Exhibit Technicians

This group installs and dismantles the exhibits. This includes any related tags, description panels and related displayed information. Installation: up to 5 hours. Breakdown: about 2 hours. 


This group will create publicity materials, including posters, postcards, press releases, calendar items, website posts, and pitch materials. They will also coordinate the dissemination of materials. Up to 5 hours per show per person, depending on the task.

To volunteer, please contact Preya Holland: