Volunteer to Staff Art Walk at CAL

About Art Walk at CAL

CAL is an Art Walk destination, hosting 4+ events inside the building during the event. Because of this activity, we need staffers who can be familiar with the building and the shows to help guide visitors through the experience. CAL runs two programs that need staffing during this event: Gallery Exhibits and Buyers’ Square.

Gallery Exhibits

CAL operates a Members Gallery on the first floor and a Community Gallery on the second floor. During Art Walk, we will typically have an opening or closing reception for the artists in these spaces. 

Additionally, these spaces serve as passthrough spaces to other parts of the building where other Art Walk-related events are also taking place. 

Staffing for Galleries

A volunteer will be assigned to a gallery space and shall act as greeter, help visitors find the exhibit they’re looking for and answer any questions about the art, CAL, or as they arise. They will serve as a primary contact for the artist at their reception. These shifts can be for the entire event 4-5 hours, or in 2-3 hour shifts. 

Types of activity 

  • Greeter to help welcome and direct visitors to the art show 
  • Distribute the brochure and general information (Have basic knowledge of the artist and exhibit )
  • Give directions to the collaborating venues in the CAL building
  • Help run and facilitate sales of the CAL store
  • Find food and drink donations/sponsors 
  • Set up and break down appetizer platter and drink station 

Buyer’s Square

CAL operates a pop-up marketplace during Art Walk to sell the work of our members. Artists typically drop off their work before Art Walk starts. Staff and volunteers set up, operate, and take apart the shop all in the same evening. 

This event will be advertised as part of the Art Walk experience and is offered as a service to our members. This takes place in 207, which is borrowed from MMS, so it must be left in good condition. 

Staffing for Buyers’ Square

Two volunteers will be assigned to general sales during the operating times. Additional help in set up and breakdown can be worked into these shifts or can be done by other volunteers. Sales shift is 4 hours. Set up and breakdown is expected to be 1-2 hours

Types of activity

  • Greeter to help welcome buyers and talk about the work for sale. 
  • Process sales: includes cash handling, credit card processing, using our mobile sales app.
  • Merchandising, making everything look awesome
  • Bagging and wrapping sold pieces
  • Act as security for the shop, making sure that anything that leaves the room is paid for.
  • Set up and break down of the shop.

To volunteer, please contact Preya Holland: preya@cal-vt.org