24 Hour Comics 2023 Registration is Open

Come make comic books with us! Poster by Teppi Zuppo, our event organizer.

Registration is open

Artists of all abilities are invited to join us in the global creative challenge known as 24 Hour Comics–a chance for you to make (write, draw, paste-up) your original 24-page comic book! It takes place on Saturday, October 7th. Pre-register now, or at the door. We start drawing at 9 AM.

Please register using the Eventbrite form–it has the waiver and code of conduct checkboxes all there. It’ll save a lot of paperwork on the day of the event.

Get sponsors!

There’s an option on your ticket to join CAL’s fundraising team. This allows you to set up your own campaign page on our event page and start promoting your participation in the challenge. You can post ideas about your story, an example of your art, or a bio about yourself. Then share it with your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you with a donation to CAL. Here’s the fundraising page and our team so far.

Fundraising is optional but will help us to offset the cost of producing this event. Montpelier Alive contributed funds to help start this year’s effort.

What is 24 Hour Comics Day anyway?

The original challenge started in the 90s between two comic book artists and it has taken off across the world as a creative challenge for anyone. Here’s some more info about its origin.

Monotype Basics

Abstract monotype by Jasper Johns

The three etching presses in The Pull Room can produce monotype prints. Monotype is an easy way to get your creative juices flowing, either as a warm up exercise or finished piece. 

In all printmaking, paint (or medium) is applied to a matrix like an plexiglass or copper plate, which is then transferred to paper (or canvas) by applying pressure. In the case for monotype, the matrix is a smooth nonabsorbent surface onto which the artist applies paint directly. Monotypes are unique prints, meaning that no two prints are exactly alike.

Monotyping is a versatile printmaking technique that can be used to create a wide variety of images. The artist can use a variety of tools and materials to create the image, including brushes, rags, sponges, and even their fingers. The artist can also use a variety of inks and paints, as well as solvents and other materials to manipulate the image.

Fiona and Molly manipulate monotype plates. The plates are attached onto cardboard for easier handling.

Monotyping can be used to create a wide variety of artistic styles. The artist can create realistic images, abstract images, or even mixed-media images. Monotyping can also be used to create prints that are both beautiful and expressive.

Some of the most famous monotype artists include Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, and Edgar Degas. These artists used monotyping to create a wide variety of images, including landscapes, portraits, and abstract compositions. Their monotypes are now considered to be some of the most important works of art of the 20th century. Jasper Johns is a contemporary artist who utilized this method. 

Monotyping is a versatile and expressive printmaking technique that can be used to create a wide variety of images. It is a popular technique among both traditional and contemporary artists, and it is a great way to explore the creative process.

Learning Monotype at CAL

Two monotype classes will be held in July, led by printmaker Phillip Robertson, who teaches at Northern Vermont University at Johnson. This class is open to all community members ages 16 and up. All materials will be supplied. Phillip will lead you through various applications and manipulations of paint on the matrix and will help you to pull the resulting prints. Finished prints will be wet, which you may leave to dry or take home with you. Please wear clothes you are comfortable painting in. 

Class 1: July 8, 2023

Class 2: July 29, 2023

Last week the T.W. Wood and the CAL staff learned to pull monotypes with Phillip, and here’s some of what they made. 

We can’t wait to see what you can do! 

The Pull Room: CAL’s community printmaking studio

Phayvanh Luekhamhan stands behind the Whelan Xpress Pro Printer with her right hand on the wheel. The walls are cream with red bulletin boards and blue cupboards. Photo is by Phillip Robertson.
Phayvanh Luekhamhan, CAL’s ED, stands behind our newest acquisition, a Whelan Xpress Pro etching press. The classroom is located in the school wing, home of the former River Rock School. Photo by Phillip Robertson.


The Center for Arts and Learning is pleased to be opening a community printmaking studio in our building at 46 Barre Street. Located in a classroom of the school wing recently vacated by the City of Montpelier, and formerly where River Rock School was housed, this room will be open to any interested member of the community ages 16 and up.

We are currently making finishing touches to the space and finalizing our schedule. We aim to provide 24 hour access to this room starting in late May. But you can sign up right now by using this form (also embedded at the bottom). We will get you started one everything is ready to go. But wait, what are you signing up for?

Membership Details

For $50 per month (or $600/yr), you will be trained on the use and care of each of the three printing presses in the Pull Room, including the Whelan XPro in the photo above.

You’ll also have access to a Richeson Baby Press and a mobile table top press. You’ll be able to reserve use of the presses in 1 hour blocks. You’ll get a cubby to store your personal materials. You’ll be expected to clean up after yourself and be respectful of everyone’s time. Member expectations are here. That’s it!

Members will also receive 10% off registration fees for any classes you’d like to take. Bring your own materials or pick some up at The Drawing Board in downtown Montpelier.

Of course, we also expect everyone to abide by our code of conduct.

Volunteer Opportunities

A limited number of volunteer opportunities are available to offset membership fees. We are seeking reliable folks to help maintain the space and manage membership questions. Please reach out to Kate Ruddle, the Pull Room staff coordinator at: programs@cal-vt.org if you’re interested in these spots.

I can’t afford a membership…

We do understand this is not in everyone’s budget. CAL will offer a few open house and community events. We can also offer limited scholarship on a case by case basis, thanks to a donation from our friends at the Alchemist Foundation. Come by during the June 2nd Art Walk and we can show you around and chat. Or contact Phayvanh any time: director@cal-vt.org

Note: Artists currently with a studio at CAL qualify for a discounted membership. Please reach out to Phayvanh if you’re interested.

I’d prefer a class first

We got you! Phillip Robertson will be leading two Monotype Basics classes in July. Monotype is so fun and easy. And Phillip is a great teacher. We’ll be adding more classes as we get them confirmed. Please follow us on Eventbrite to get notifications.

Can I teach a class?

Sure! Fill out this form and let us know what you’re interested in offering and when and what your teaching experience is. We are looking for any type of printmaking that can be worked with our etching presses. Gelli printing, cyanotype and other non-press methods are also welcome. We pay a flat rate for each class. Class size is 4-8 participants. Kate will follow up with your proposal.

The Pull Room Membership Application is below. Join us today!