LULA Elevator

Help us get off the ground!

We are installing a LULA lift elevator at the Center for Arts and Learning – and we need your help. On August 15, we’re running a Day of Giving: with your support, we can finish the project.

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We are dedicated to serving a wide and vibrant community, and that means we need to be accessible to all visitors. An elevator will mean CAL and our member organizations can host performances, readings, exhibitions, and other events, as well as offer rehearsal and studio space on five levels of the building. Our member organizations will be able to develop new programs and serve new audiences. Most importantly, it’s the right thing to do – we want everyone to be able to participate in everything from Art Walk to summer camps at CAL.


The elevator will be located between the older and newer portions of the building, allowing all visitors to access the T.W.Wood Gallery, Monteverdi Music School, River Rock School, and rooms on five levels of the building. Our accessible entrance will be on Msgr. Crosby Avenue.

Why Now?

The Center for Arts and Learning is a collection of small nonprofits and arts organizations – but together, we’ve been able to secure half of the funding for this major project. We’ve got plans, we’ve got permits, and we’re starting construction now in order to use those funds – but we are still in need of support from donors like you to fully fund construction. We’re taking the leap to make it happen, and we hope you’ll join us.