24 Hour Comics 2023 Registration is Open

Come make comic books with us! Poster by Teppi Zuppo, our event organizer.

Registration is open

Artists of all abilities are invited to join us in the global creative challenge known as 24 Hour Comics–a chance for you to make (write, draw, paste-up) your original 24-page comic book! It takes place on Saturday, October 7th. Pre-register now, or at the door. We start drawing at 9 AM.

Please register using the Eventbrite form–it has the waiver and code of conduct checkboxes all there. It’ll save a lot of paperwork on the day of the event.

Get sponsors!

There’s an option on your ticket to join CAL’s fundraising team. This allows you to set up your own campaign page on our event page and start promoting your participation in the challenge. You can post ideas about your story, an example of your art, or a bio about yourself. Then share it with your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you with a donation to CAL. Here’s the fundraising page and our team so far.

Fundraising is optional but will help us to offset the cost of producing this event. Montpelier Alive contributed funds to help start this year’s effort.

What is 24 Hour Comics Day anyway?

The original challenge started in the 90s between two comic book artists and it has taken off across the world as a creative challenge for anyone. Here’s some more info about its origin.

Saturday: Family paint class with Katie O’Rourke

We’re hosting a special family version of our Mocks and Smocks event tomorrow at the T.W. Wood Gallery with local artists Katie O’Rourke. This class is perfect for families with children ages 8 and up. Look at this nighttime owl painting we’ll be working on together!

Owl and full moon, painting by Katie O'Rourke
Get into the Halloween spirit with this painting!

The class is on Saturday, October 23rd from 2 – 4 PM. This is the only family class we will have in this winter’s series.

One parent/child ticket is $40 and covers supplies for one painting. Additional children and canvases can be added to your ticket purchase. RSVP your canvas(es) today!

River Rock School Closing

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to River Rock School, which is closing its doors this summer. They were one of our founding partners, and have been instrumental in developing the Center for Arts and Learning as a place where students, artists, and our whole neighborhood can come together. We’ll miss their plays, their exuberance, and their laughter. We hope all River Rockers know they will always have a home here at the Center for Arts and Learning, and will continue to be an important part of our community.

We’ll be hosting a mega-yard-sale, with social distancing, on Saturday, July 11th (rain date July 12th) to help spread the River Rock love to all our neighbors – drop by (in a mask, please) to pick up everything from awesome kids’ books to skis and skates to furniture; proceeds will support River Rock.

If you would be interested in becoming a partner in the Center for Arts and Learning, or have a nonprofit program that would be interested in space for the fall, please get in touch. We are excited for our next chapter, and we want to wish everyone from River Rock all the best.